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Flooded or have water damage in your home or business?

Zenaco Carpet Services Cairns will be there for you regardless of the hour, day or night. On call 24 hours of the day. Our technicians can assist with any water damage cleanup emergency, specialising in water damage carpet cleaning. We take pride in working with families, businesses and insurance companies to act quickly against wall, floor, and carpet water damage. Repair and restore premises back to their original functionality pre-disaster.

What is water damage?

When talking water damage there 3 different types of water. It’s useful to be able to identify and understand these categories as it will help both you and us know what precautions to take on-site. You should also be aware that without being treated, water will over time become more contaminated, changing category as it slowly turns into what’s classed as ‘black water’. So let’s take a look at the 3 different categories of water damage.

#1 – Clean water

In simple terms clean water is that which is used for drinking, washing, toilet flushing, cooking, and farm irrigation. In other words it’s come from a potable supply line. If the water has come into contact or passed through other areas it may have mixed with soils or contaminants from floor coverings, sub-flooring, walls, decking, and other building materials, making it non potable. ‘Clean water’ when left alone will over time become contaminated with bacteria and turn into ‘grey’ or ‘black’ water. Sources of clean water include the overflow of running taps, a bath, or a sink.

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#2 – Grey water

Grey water is that which is polluted and contains contaminants which make it unsafe for consumption. It contains harmful micro-organisms and nutrients which cause grey water to quickly turn black if it’s not attended to. This category of water is dangerous and is best left to a professional to clean up. Examples of grey water include:

  • Overflow from a toilet containing some urine but no faeces;
  • Water from household appliances such a dishwashers and washing machines;
  • A punctured water bed or broken aquarium which contains chemically treated water; and
  • Water that is flowing from a hole in the roof and which has passed through ceiling insulation.

#3 – Black water

This type of water is harmful to living things and could cause serious illness or death if consumed. Despite its name, the water doesn’t have to look black – it can be clear and may or may not smell. Substances the water may contain include pesticides, faeces, urine, pathogenic waste, bacteria, land other dangerous chemicals or micro-organisms. You should always call in a professional to deal with this type of water damage. Sources of black water include:

  • Sewer water or back-up from a sewer;
  • Rising water from streams, dams or rivers;
  • Toilet water back- flow from beyond the toilet trap; and
  • Ground or surface water, sea water.

Category 1 involves water flow from a household tap.

Category 2 involves rain which has entered a hole in the roof and come inside the building from the ceiling, passing through the roof space and insulation. 

Category 3 involves surface ground water which is travelling horizontally and contains silt or soil contaminants which generally enters through building doors or accumulates around foundation walls. 

This type of flood damage can vary in depth from several inches to several feet. When structures have been partially submerged or remain flooded for several weeks, then more elaborate clean up methods are usually required.

Stay Calm – Don’t Panic

One phone call to Zenaco Carpet Cleaning is all it takes for us to come to your assistance. Our emergency response vehicles are fully equipped with dehumidifiers and dryers which are essential to properly dry out affected water damage areas, targeting carpets, doors, walls, and floors.

Applying equipment quickly and efficiently we aim to minimise the after-effects being that of structural damage and increased financial costs. Whether it be a natural flood, flooded basement, burst pipes or water leaks we have the expertise and equipment to address your water damage repair.

If water damage is left untreated it will lead to the reproduction of mould and bacteria spores, creating another aspect of work to remove mould on top of the original water damage restoration. Mould can lead to a series of health issues amongst the list including hypersensitivity, asthma, flu- like symptoms or allergic reactions. 

The longer water is left lying around the more extensive the damage can become. Removing the water is the first priority, then our fully qualified technicians will work quickly to dry out water laden carpets, flooring and walls. After which we then work to remove bacteria, mould and water stains.

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