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Do your carpets need cleaning?

At Zenaco Carpet Services, we are the Number One carpet and restoration cleaning business in Cairns north Queensland.

Established in 2012, we have grown to become the market leader for all aspects of carpet and restoration Cairns. Whether you’re after end of lease carpet cleaning, office or resort carpet cleaning we have your needs covered. 

At Zenaco Carpet Cleaning Cairns, our carpet steam cleaning solutions can remove more stains than any other cleaning process. Our truck mounted machines generate their own heat and power saving you money, and bringing your carpets back to its original condition.

We believe that a nice, clean, and fresh carpet is always beneficial to any home and area. Zenaco Carpet Cleaning is here to help you and your carpets whether they are filled with harmful allergens & bacteria, pet urine & stains, or food & drink spills. Dirt, stains, grime will be removed expertly and deep seated dirt and soil will be extracted. These along with the restoration of the carpet areas that undergoes high traffic. Our guarantee is for you to receive the best and most long lasting household cleaning treatment with our free neutralizing rinse services.

We utilise the use of clean and green products in our deep cleaning processes leaving no residue and is in compliance to all major carpet requirements. Stain resistant carpeting is also covered.

Zenaco Carpet Cleaning firmly believes in offering the highest quality of service with the use of the most advanced carpet cleaning systems. Your carpets is guarantee to be treated with premium care and given the attention it deserves.

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We want you to know that Zenaco Carpet Cleaning is here to serve you! We will happily take away all the unpleasant and time-consuming work to us. Our priority is to satisfy our clients through each service with a unique approach for every client and leave behind a positive experience.

Each service is tailored based on the needs of the client. Whether you just want to freshen up your property or sell it we will always make sure that you are satisfied with our services. The combination of our love for people and pets along with years of experience in the business front motivates us to prioritise and focus on providing the best quality of service to our clients and guarantee that they are 100% satisfied.

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Zenaco Carpet Cleaning is reliable, honest, and experienced enough for all your carpet cleaning needs. You can trust us to look after everything for you and be the one-stop shop for anything that involves cleaning services in Cairns.

We will make your needs our top priority, so be sure to contact us to get your no-obligation, free quote.



Carpet cleaning

Providing high quality, environment friendly carpet cleaning services in the Cairns area is the main goal of Zenaco Carpet Cleaning. We use hot water extraction system, the recommended method by carpet manufacturers, to remove the fibres of dirt, grime, dust and bacteria attached to the carpet. Pet stains, food & drink spills, and odours will also be removed. Your carpets will smell fresh and clean after vacuuming with a HEPA filtered vacuum combined with a specialised environment-friendly cleaning service.

rug cleaning

Have dirty, stained rugs that need some care? If you find the need to have a stain removed, or to freshen all types of dusty rugs, our doors are open. Contact us to know more about our carpet and rug cleaning services today. 

upholstery cleaning

upholstery cleaning

One of our specialty is providing the best upholstery cleaning services in the Cairns area. We have equipped ourselves with the necessary experience in cleaning all types of surfaces and materials. No matter the fabrics used on sofas, couches, and the like Zenaco Carpet Cleaning can remove all the soil, dirt, oils, and allergens attached to it. Also include all styles and types of dining and reclining chairs into the list. We can also deodorise the surfaces and apply fabric and stain guard as a protective layer against stains and dirt.

Upholstered furniture can have different types of surfaces and materials which requires different techniques for each type in order for the quality of the material in terms of its colour and stability to be preserved. Upholstery Cleaning, Cairns can do that for you no matter what type of upholstery you may have, we are confident that we can do it!

Included in the specialised services we provide are deodorising, soil and stain resistant solutions regardless of the type of upholstery. We want your upholstery to continue looking as good as new and give it the protection it needs to lengthen the life of the fabric surfaces and retain the quality of the fibres.

tile and grout cleaning

Your tile surfaces will be back to its former glory after we are done working on it. Our team at Zenaco Carpet Cleaning is highly trained and experienced in working on all types of tile surfaces with the use of the safest products for tile and grout cleaning.

Hand cleaning your tiles is hard and tricky while grout cleaning, alone, is very time-consuming. We will use methods that will return your tiles and grout into their former glory. It requires more than just the use of soap, mop and a bit of elbow grease to clean your tiles and grout. Mopping will only make it more difficult to clean the grout in the long run, the dirt particles and grease will be pushed into the grout allowing them accumulate. These dirt and grease will later form hard layers into the surfaces and pores of the tiles and grout and cause discolouration.

We assure you that your old and dirty looking tiles and grout will be back to its former glory with our steam-based technology, and most-up-to-date cleaning methods. Along with the use of high pressure rinsing and vacuuming you will get a fresh and welcoming place. Stains and mildew will also be the least of your worries after we are done with the cleaning process because a grout sealant and a protective sealer will be used for the ceramic and porcelain tiles.

zenaco tile cleaning cairns

Approved Cairns Carpet Cleaning Service

We want our customers to trust us and the services that we provide, and we want to do this by establishing ourselves as the number one service provider for carpet cleaning services in Cairns. Our customer service is also an area that we pride ourselves in, we are always friendly to everyone that we serve. Be sure to contact us today and get your free carpet evaluation.

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We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction as we firmly believe that we provide only the best methods to restore and maintain the integrity of your surfaces.

Zenaco Carpet Cleaning only wants to provide the most effective ways to remove stains, dirt, grime and allergens that attaches to your carpets and other surfaces. We do our best to exceed what is expected of us and leave our clients 100% satisfied with our services. We do not want you to regret that you have chosen us and entrusted to us the cleaning of your homes. We are always careful not to use harmful chemicals and have protective clothing ready whenever necessary, we will provide corner guards for your walls and furniture and every means possible to help clean safely and effectively. We can also move small and medium sized furniture for you.

Bradley Rootsey - CEO & Founder, Zenaco Carpet Services
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