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Rug Cleaning Cairns

Zenaco Carpet Services is Cairns number one in rug cleaning. We clean all our rugs in-house at our warehouse to ensure the best results for our customers. All rugs are subject to our 7-step cleaning process.

  1. Vacuumed – To ensure all loose dirt is removed.
  2. Pre Sprayed – The next step is to flood with water, and apply our cleaning detergent.
  3. Machine Scrub – After the cleaning chemicals have dwelled for the recommended time we machine scrub the rugs.
  4. Rinse clean – We then rinse thoroughly with water to remove all chemicals and dirt.
  5. Steam clean – The excess water is extracted from the rug and steam cleaned.
  6. Drying – All rugs and hung and fan dried.
  7. Deodorised – Once dry, rugs are deodorised and wrapped ready for delivery/pick up.

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