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Tile and Grout Cleaning Cairns

Zenaco Carpet Services Cairns is your first choice when it come to hard floor cleaning including tile and grout cleaning Cairns. A easy and cost effective way to freshen up your property is steam cleaning  on your tile and grout. We use high pressure steam to clean tiles and grout cleaning cairns. 99% of the time we can bring tiles and grout cairns back to there original look with no damage to tiles and grout. We have all the equipment to clean tile & grout cleaning cairns from standard house to the 20th floor high rise.

Tile grout is porous by nature, and these pores can easily attract dirt particles and bacteria. In return your grout becomes difficult to clean. We blast the dirt and dust from your tile and grout with the use of specialised cleaning solutions and give you tiles that are brand new looking.

It is the goal of our cleaning experts to restore your tile into its former glory. To rejuvenate the shine of the tile and grout, throughout your home. The sealants that are applied after treatment of the tile and grout will help protect them from dirt and grime, and give it a long lasting, clean look.

Removing dirt and grime is quick and easy with state of the art equipment and will help increase the lifespan of your tiles.

It is recommended for tiles and grout surfaces to be cleaned once every 12 to 18 months, for your floors to be safe and healthy. The use of sealants will keep dirt away before the next treatment. We use grout sealants that are suited for any surface. It is a protective barrier that prevents oils, dirt, dust, and other harmful particles from penetrating the pores of the grout. We will provide you with a highly effective tile cleaning service to keep your tile and grout looking fresh, clean and safe.

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